Source Your Electricity Needs from Solar without Purchasing Panels

Neighborhood Sun does not sell solar panels.  They sell locally-produced solar electricity!  They are committed to serving not just their shareholders, but also their customers, employees, the communities served by their projects…and the planet!

Neighborhood Sun will be speaking at the next HCCA meeting about community solar, a model which sets up a solar installation in a community, then sells the locally-produced solar electricity to people who may not be able to put panels on their own roofs.  This is great for those who are renting, or whose roofs don’t get enough sun, or who have an historic building that can’t support a solar array, or those who can’t presently afford their own panels.

Save the planet, fight climate change, and save money all at the same time!

Learn more at the link below, and also come to the next HCCA meeting on August 15!

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