Let the Youth Be Heard!

Let the youth be heard! Harford County Climate Action supports Juliana in the Trial of the Century.

21 young people are suing the US government for continuing to push fossil fuels, thus knowingly harming them, the plaintiffs. When their case, Juliana v. US, came to the Supreme Court, Harford County Climate Action held a rally in support of the youth. Activists from Howard County Climate Action as well as Baltimore and beyond joined in solidarity.  

Following an introduction by Harford County Climate Action president Tracey Waite, Aarnav Devulapalli, Khiyali K. Pillalamarri and Iris Zhan, all high school students, expressed their solidarity with the young plaintiffs.

Noting that he had waited till the last day to prepare his remarks, Abingdon resident Aarnav Devulapalli said, “I’m a procrastinator … the US Government is a lot like me, procrastinating saving the environment until we are already in trouble.”  Khiyali K. Pillalamarri from Bel Air asked, “Does the government have the right to deprive us of our futures to fulfill the short term greed of today? 2040 is not very far away – where is the urgency? ….We have had enough of people saying “We have to protect the land and water for our children,” and yet postponing… Your children are here to protect the land ourselves!”  Iris Zhan, from Howard County, declared, “If you are under 35, you have never experienced a normal climate. That is unprecedented.”

While the trial was scheduled to begin on Oct 29 the government requested a stay which was temporarily granted.

On Nov 2 the Supreme Court refused to block the case.  It is expected to begin in a few weeks.

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