Community Opposes Abingdon Business Park at County Council

Since early in 2019 when community members in Abingdon – Joppa – Edgewood brought to the notice of Harford County Climate Action that a 300 acre stretch of woods along the Haha Branch of the Bush River was being threatened by a planned expansion of the  “Edgewood-Joppa Enterprise Zone” and a proposal to build 2 million square feet of warehouses, we have sought to learn more about the project, the permits and the processes we would need to follow to protect these woods and at the same time make clear that there were more sensible and sustainable paths to supporting enterprise in the area (for example utilizing existing vacant warehouses).

At the April 2 public hearing on Expansion of the Edgewood-Joppa Enterprise Zone, several community members came before the Harford County Council and appealed to them NOT to change the zoning on this land to allow for such development.


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