Harford County Climate Action – Partnering with Neighborhood Sun

Harford County Climate Action is working with Neighborhood Sun to ensure that ALL Harford County residents have access to clean energy!  I have signed up, thereby guaranteeing that  my energy bills will remain below those charged by BG&E.  Neighborhood Sun is looking for more people to sign up in order to build local solar projects.  Please consider becoming a part of this innovative method of getting solar energy to renters and those who have a house but aren’t yet ready to put panels on it.   There are special incentives for low income households.  Please visit our special page on the Neighborhood Sun website by using the link below.  And thank-you so much for helping to save the planet!

Follow this link for information on what you would save by switching to electricity from Neighborhood Sun’s community solar projects.


Join the green, sustainable, energy revolution with Harford County Climate Action and Neighborhood Sun

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