Help Us Save Abingdon Woods

Dear Friends of Abingdon Woods,

Item #1

We recently got notice that Maryland Department of the Environment has opened a public comment period of 30 days regarding two aspects of the Wetlands and Waterways Permit for what is now being called the “BTC III I-95 Logistics Center.” We have known it as the “Abingdon Business Park.” You’ll recall that BTC III (Build-to-Core) is the new developer. However, it’s interesting that on the MDE website, Chesapeake Real Estate Group and Westport, the old developers, are also still listed.

The announcement is at:…/Pages/CREG_Westport_I.aspx

On that page you will find the developer’s “Socioeconomic Justification” and the “Tier II Antidegredation Review.” Please read these documents and write up any thoughts you have and send in your letter to MDE before October 15, 2021. Instructions on exactly where to send your letter is on the announcement page.

Getting this opportunity to make comments has been hardwon. It is the result of the courtcase by Chesapeake Legal Alliance and the Gunpowder Riverkeeper in Harford County Courts that was recently won, leading the court to send the Wetlands and Waterways Permit back to MDE and forcing MDE to open this new public comment period.

Item #2

Bad news is that two more permits (grading permits) were approved last week. The project needs 21 permits. Now, 15 have been approved. ONLY ONE GRADING PERMIT remains to be approved. Four road permits remain to be approved. One stormwater management permit remains to be approved.

Item #3

We still have “Save Abingdon Woods” yard signs. They are available for a donation of $8, which is what they cost us.  If you want one, please give me a call.

Item #4

Call, email or write your representative in the Harford County Council and demand that the Council revoke the “Edgewood Joppa Enterprise Zone Expansion”. Also, ask them to stop this project. It is important that we reach EVERY county councilman.

Item #5

Ask every politician on a local and state level if they would be willing to take some step towards stopping this project and if so, what exactly they are willing to do.

Item #6

Let’s make sure parents of students at William Paca and Old Post Road Elementary Schools understand what is being proposed and how it will affect their children. Please see the Letter to the Editor of the 9/15/21 Aegis by William Graham, Harford County Climate Action Board Member, which contains information on impacts to children’s health by diesel emissions.

Item #7

It would be helpful if we had evidence of an endangered species in Abingdon Woods.  The woods is “Private Property,” so trespassing is not allowed.  This doesn’t mean you can’t photograph and identify species that have emerged from the woods into neighboring yards or even plants you can photograph from the property’s border.

Item #8

Support stronger forest conservation law in Harford County and support more power to citizens in stopping bad zoning and development decisions for the future.

As always, we can do more when we work together. Your caring matters!

Warm Regards,

Tracey Waite, Chair, Save Abingdon Woods Coalition

(443) 243-3363

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