Doug Tallamy: Nature’s Best Hope

Can we reverse the trend of species extinction right from our own back (and front) yards? Doug Tallamy says YES and Harford County Climate Action in partnership with the Town of Bel Air aims to begin with 5 species – 4 butterflies and a moth – that depend on host plants that people can grow around their homes.

Bel Air FIVE Project welcomes 4 Butterflies and a Moth

On May 10 Harford County Climate Action had the pleasure of hosting Doug Tallamy in Bel Air, where he held an audience of 200 spellbound as he explained how important it was to allow habitats for birds, bees, worms, caterpillars and butterflies to survive and how effectively we could do it if only we gave up our destructive habits of maintaining lawns. Of course he put it much more diplomatically and urged people with lawns to convert half of their land into space for native plants and all the species that depend on them.

Harford County Climate Action hosts Doug Tallamy talk on “Nature’s Best Hope” in Bel Air
People line up to meet Doug Tallamy and get his books.
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