Community Solar

Harford Climate Action is partnering with Neighborhood Sun to make it possible for everyone to get their home energy from solar, even if they live in an apartment or home whose roof isn’t ideal for solar!  It works like this:  Neighborhood Sun builds local solar “farms,” preferably on top of warehouses and other underutilized spaces.  Then, we order a large portion of the energy we need each month from that local source of solar energy.  The billing is handled by your local utility company, such as by BG&E.  You WILL pay less for electricity than you’re paying now!  To find out more, click here for HCCA’s Neighborhood Sun link:

In addition, we’re hoping to build new Neighborhood Sun solar projects in Harford County.  If you know of any location that might have sufficient roof space for solar panels, such as a local church, warehouse, shopping center, etc, please fill out the form below!  In your message, please include the location, contact/manager name, address and phone number.

Photovoltaik Dachanlage Hannover "Schwarze Heide" 1 MW

Solar Panels will help provide clean power to communities!

  • Neighborhood Sun’s mission is to empower communities to gain access to the clean energy revolution sweeping the nation. Community solar allows you to sign up for solar power for your home, business, or organization without installing any equipment on your roof.

(  GarySkulnik, the company’s founder has been a leader in developing the clean energy market on the East Coast.  Gary is president of Clean Currents and an active public speaker on sustainability, clean energy, B-Corps, social enterprises, and more.