2018 Review

In 2018 Harford County Climate Action worked steadily at the personal, community and policy level to encourage meaningful actions to reduce our impact on the environment, espsecially our carbon footprint!

WATCH this marvelous retrospective of the year that was:

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Let the Youth Be Heard!

Let the youth be heard! Harford County Climate Action supports Juliana in the Trial of the Century.

21 young people are suing the US government for continuing to push fossil fuels, thus knowingly harming them, the plaintiffs. When their case, Juliana v. US, came to the Supreme Court, Harford County Climate Action held a rally in support of the youth. Activists from Howard County Climate Action as well as Baltimore and beyond joined in solidarity.  
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Harford County Climate Action – Partnering with Neighborhood Sun

Harford County Climate Action is working with Neighborhood Sun to ensure ALL Harford County residents have access to clean energy!  I have signed up, thereby guaranteeing that  my energy bills will remain 5% below those charged by BG&E.  Neighborhood Sun is looking for 20 more people to sign up before the end of September in order to build the local solar project that will be the source of this clean energy.  Please consider becoming a part of this innovative method of getting solar energy to renters and even those who have a house but aren’t yet ready to put panels on it.  Please visit our special page on the Neighborhood Sun website by using the link below.  And thank-you so much for helping to save the planet!



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Say Yes! I have a bag and say NO to plastic with your HCCA canvas compartment bag

A place for everything and everything in its place … say YES! I have a bag and say NO to plastic bags with your very own canvas bag with pockets for everything you want to take home. Great for the farmers market! Order today!
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Harford County Climate Action explains Climate Change to Harford County Council

On April 17 2018, at the invitation of the Harford County Council, Harford County Climate Action represented by Tracey Waite, Fawn Palmer and Adilakshmi Tadepalli spoke about climate change, explaining the greenhouse effect, the role of human activity, the predicted impact of sea level rise in Harford County, the role of the fossil fuel industry in spreading doubt and denial, and the importance of renewable energy and local action to mitigate climate change.

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Group Protests Off-Shore Oil at Harris’s Office

CONTACT:  Tracey Waite
Harford County Climate Action | hcclimateaction@gmail.com

A vocal group of 20 people including 5 middle and high school students braved the frigid winds Friday, January 2, to oppose the Trump administration’s move to open nearly the entire United States coastline to offshore drilling.  They were met with approving honks and thumbs-up signs from passersby.  Representative Andy Harris stated in a recent interview with WYPR that he would be open to offshore drilling in Maryland provided that it was out of sight and the communities agreed to it.

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Saving the Planet for Future Generations

Harford County Climate Action is a group of citizens concerned with the devastating effects of climate change on our planet.  Climate change refers to the recent and ongoing rise in global average temperature near the Earth’s surface.  It is caused mostly by human activity which increases concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Global warming is causing climate patterns to change.  we seek to educate the public, explore green energy solutions and take action to lessen the human impact affecting our planet and lives.

If you are worried about climate disruption and want to do something about it locally, please come to our meetings.  We need your input because each of us has a role to play in saving the planet.

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Current Campaigns

Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.  – Bill Nye


  • to bolster our sense of hope, i.e. to lessen despair and cynicism
  • to keep each other updated and informed about climate change
  • to provide a forum for respectful discussion
  • to set achievable goals for lessening Harford County’s carbon footprint
  • to engage in activism, public education, etc. to reach these goals

*A viable group will need members of all ages, races, creeds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc.  We need members who can sing, write, play guitar, draw, write plays, explain scientific principles, read, organize, develop political contacts, etc.

We are looking for YOU.

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