Save Abingdon Woods 2-ply face mask

Spread the word – Save Abingdon Woods and receive this 2-ply mask with adjustable earloops:

Save Abingdon Woods 2-ply Face Mask

Protect your neighbors while protecting the forest! Great gift idea.

10.00 $

Protect your neighbors while protecting the forest with this 2-ply face mask supporting the movement to Save Abingdon Woods and Stop Abingdon Business Park (@stopabp).

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Defend Abingdon Woods – Donate today!

The Coalition to Stop the Abingdon Business Park from clearing 326 acres of wetland forest to make way for over 2 million square feet of new warehouses in a county with dozens of vacant warehouses already needs you! Please help meet the expenses of filing injunctions and following up with legal efforts to prevent developers from cutting the trees and displacing the animals from their home in Abingdon Woods.

Donate TODAY

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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez in Baltimore – March 4

The Johns Hopkins University Newsletter has published the list of speakers for the 2020 Foreign Affairs Symposium.  It includes Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, one of 21 plaintiffs to sue the federal government for perceived inaction on climate change. In 2017 he was featured on Rolling Stone’s inaugural “25 Under 25” list of young people changing the world.  He will speak at Shriver Hall on March 4 at 8pm.

The other speakers are pro-democracy Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law; Syrian refugee and advocate Muzoon Almellehan; and African American political activist and author Angela Davis.

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2019 review of Harford County Climate Action

In 2019 Harford County Climate Action was active on several fronts, working to oppose drilling off Maryland shores, campaign to protect Abingdon Woods from planned warehouse development, advocate for legislation, express solidarity with global struggles for environmental justice and act locally to keep Harford County beautiful.

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Kathy Tunney: County should help purchase Abingdon Woods

Kathy Tunney recommends to the county council that they look into a way to purchase the Abingdon Woods property and preserve it as a recreational park for the public.
17 Dec 2019 – Harford County Council meeting – Public Comment

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“Extinction is forever” -Fawn Palmer alerts Council to endangered species in Abingdon Woods

Fawn Palmer, senior naturalist, remindes the Harford County Council that extinction is forever and alerts them to endangered status of the Spongy Arrowhead, Sagittaria spatulata which grows in the freshwater, tidal mud flats in the HaHa Branch where it empties into Otter Point Creek. She calls for an environmental impact assessmentt o determine the presence of other endangered species.
10 December 2019 meeting of Harford County Council.

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Veronica Cassilly to council – our kids deserve better from you.

Veronica Cassilly tells the Council that Harford County’s children and grandchildren deserve better than to see the quality of the land and water decline even though we have been warned and can prevent further damage. Though she is aware that developers have contributed to council members she says “I personally cannot believe that you would sell me out.”
Meeting of Harford County Council Dec 10 2019

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Dont let Abingdon become a “Toxic Tour” site – Aravinda Pillalamarri

Aravinda Pillalamarri asks County Council to protect Abingdon Woods so that the site does not in the future become a site of air and water pollution, flooding and other environmental damage. She warns that it may become the site of a “Toxic Tour,” serving as a cautionary tale for others in a position to prevent such disasters before it is too late.
10 December 2019 meeting of Harford County Council.

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Tell Gov. Hogan to Fix the Bad Deal with Exelon on Conowingo Dam!

Chesapeake Waterkeepers are calling for help.  Here is their action alert, excerpted from Tell Gov. Hogan to Fix the Bad Deal with Exelon on Conowingo Dam!

We need your help! There are 3 things you can do:

1. Tell Governor Hogan to withdraw the current settlement immediately. We need a settlement that is transparent, fair and doesn’t set a bad precedent by waiving the state’s authority to protect local waterways. Use our form below or click here to send an email today!

2. Sign our petition, and we will submit your comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The comment period ends January 19, 2020.

3. Submit your own comments directly to FERC at this link. You can copy and paste our template and add additional comments. You will need to open an account and search for Docket # P-405-106.

For further information please read:

Tell Gov. Hogan to Fix the Bad Deal with Exelon on Conowingo Dam!


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Carol Nau: Council should Stand up for Harford County

Carol Nau says Abingdon Business Park does not meet standards of business development and asks the Council to stand up for Harford County.

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