Havre de Grace community calls for resolution opposing offshore drilling

At the March 18 2018 meeting of the Havre de Grace City Council, the community called for resolution opposing offshore drilling and oil exploration including seismic airgun blasting.

Speakers: Bruce Russel, President, Havre de Grace Maritime Museum

Nick Galero, resident, Havre de Grace

Alison Kinney, student, Port Deposit

Carol Zimmerman, Havre de Grace Green Team

Caroline Wood, Oceana

Video recording of council meeting provided by Harford Cable Network


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Harford and Cecil Youth Strike for Climate in Annapolis #FridaysForFuture

Calling attention to the urgency of the climate crisis, students converged in Annapolis on Friday, March 15.   They demanded that people and governments work together to end dependence on fossil fuels and promote clean renewable energy.   The young activists cited legislation such as the Clean Energy Jobs Act and the visionary Green New Deal which address not only sources of energy but also issues of health, environmental, social, economic and racial justice that are implicated in the process of extracting and burning fossil fuels.

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Lucian Calypsonians call for Climate Action

Thanks to Harford County Climate Action member Jack Dettner for sharing this delightful video from the Carribean island nation of St. Lucia, creatively using music to popularize the urgency of climate action.  Covering topics ranging from waste disposal to building code regulations, the catchy tune is performed by  A-Listers from Saint Lucia’s calypso community  including King Pep, Educator, Herbblack, Mr. Brown, Menell, Chocolate, and Ready.  They have created a compelling rallying call to Saint Lucians which is relevant across the globe.

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Why Havre de Grace Should Oppose Oil Drilling and Seismic Blasting off Maryland’s Coast

Havre de Grace, one of Harford County’s historic and beautiful towns with a thriving coastal community has a vital opportunity to defend Maryland’s shores and marine life from the threats posed by offshore oil drilling and exploration. Harford County Climate Action is working with the community to ask the Mayor and City Council of Havre de Grace to pass a resolution opposing oil drilling and seismic airgun blasting off Maryland’s shores.

Please call  Mayor Martin at (410) 939-1800 as well as Havre de Grace City Council members and ask them to pass a resolution opposing oil drilling off Maryland’s coast.

Here are some reasons this is important:

  1. Oil drilling would be preceded by seismic blasting.  The only direct effect of seismic blasting on Havre de Grace would be if it destroyed a generation of blue crab larvae, and consequently, affected local crabbers and restaurants.  This doesn’t mean that Havre de Grace can’t take a moral stance against seismic blasting.

According to Oceana, “Seismic airguns are used to find oil and gas deep underneath the ocean floor. Airguns are so loud that they disturb, injure or kill marine life, harm commercial fisheries, and disrupt coastal economies. These blasts are repeated every ten seconds, 24 hours a day, for days and weeks at a time. Seismic airgun testing currently being proposed in the Atlantic could injure 138,000 whales and dolphins and disturb millions more, according to government estimates. Continue reading

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2018 Review

In 2018 Harford County Climate Action worked steadily at the personal, community and policy level to encourage meaningful actions to reduce our impact on the environment, espsecially our carbon footprint!

WATCH this marvelous retrospective of the year that was:

Annual Review 2018 (as read at the Annual Meeting, November 2018) Continue reading

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Let the Youth Be Heard!

Let the youth be heard! Harford County Climate Action supports Juliana in the Trial of the Century.

21 young people are suing the US government for continuing to push fossil fuels, thus knowingly harming them, the plaintiffs. When their case, Juliana v. US, came to the Supreme Court, Harford County Climate Action held a rally in support of the youth. Activists from Howard County Climate Action as well as Baltimore and beyond joined in solidarity.  
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Harford County Climate Action – Partnering with Neighborhood Sun

Harford County Climate Action is working with Neighborhood Sun to ensure ALL Harford County residents have access to clean energy!  I have signed up, thereby guaranteeing that  my energy bills will remain 5% below those charged by BG&E.  Neighborhood Sun is looking for 20 more people to sign up before the end of September in order to build the local solar project that will be the source of this clean energy.  Please consider becoming a part of this innovative method of getting solar energy to renters and even those who have a house but aren’t yet ready to put panels on it.  Please visit our special page on the Neighborhood Sun website by using the link below.  And thank-you so much for helping to save the planet!



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