Stop Abingdon Business Park

Harford County Climate Action is a member of a coalition of parties opposed to the destruction of Abingdon Woods, i.e. to the “Abingdon Business Park” plan.  We are partnering with Friends of Harford and neighborhood associations, such as Autumn Run, Medley Estates, and Philadephia Station to stop this terrible plan.  Why terrible?  Because it involves destroying wetlands at a time when we need wetlands.  Because it involves destroying 326 acres of mature forest at a time when we need forests to stop climate change, clean our air, and safeguard our mental and physical well-being.  Because there are already many vacant warehouses near Route 40.  Because the neighbors don’t want it!  Because traffic is already a problem!

Abindgon Woods is located within the rectangle formed by Rt 7, Rt 24, I95, and Abingdon Rd.  If you live within this rectangle or in a bordering neighborhood, we would appreciate it if you would complete this survey which allows us to summarize all of the existing water problems in the area.  These problems are yet another reason why paving over forest and wetlands is not a good idea.

Thank-you for your time!


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